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Culinary Exploration 5 Spots for the Best Cheap Indian Food in London

5 Spots for the Best Cheap Indian Food in London

Best Cheap Indian Food in London


Finding delicious and affordable meals in London can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt. Especially, for those craving the rich flavours of Indian cuisine. 

But worry not. We’ve scoured the city to bring you the best cheap Indian food London has to offer.

Discover affordable hidden treasures with us.

  1. Mumbai Square


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  • Located in the heart of London, Mumbai Square offers a vibrant atmosphere with a touch of elegance.
  • Address: Mumbai Square Restaurant 7 Middlesex St, Spitalfields, London E1 7AA.
  • Must-try dishes include the butter chicken and biryani, bursting with authentic flavours.
  • Prices range from £10 to £20, making it a budget-friendly option for a delightful dining experience.
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  1. Delhi Delights
  • Situated in a cosy corner of the city, Delhi Delights exudes charm with its traditional decor.
  • Indulge in their delicious paneer tikka and garlic naan for a memorable meal.
  • With prices averaging between £10 to £20, this hidden gem is a great choice for those seeking affordable Indian cuisine.
  1. Bengal Bites
  • Bengal Bites stands out with its unique fusion of flavours, combining traditional recipes with a modern twist.
  • Located in a bustling area, this restaurant offers a wide selection of popular dishes such as rogan josh and samosas.
  • While prices may fall slightly higher at £20 to £30, the quality and taste make it worth every penny.
  1. Chennai Corner
  • Known for its authentic South Indian specialities, Chennai Corner transports you to the streets of Chennai.
  • Enjoy the crisp dosas and flavorful sambhar while immersing yourself in the cosy ambience of the restaurant.
  • Priced between £20 to £30, this spot provides a taste of South India without the hefty price tag.
  1. Punjab Pavilion
  • Northern Indian cuisine takes centre stage at Punjab Pavilion, offering a culinary journey through Punjab.
  • With signature dishes like butter chicken and tandoori roti, this restaurant is a must-visit for lovers of North Indian flavours.
  • Falling within the £20 to £30 range, Punjab Pavilion brings the essence of Punjab to your plate at an affordable price.

Tips for Enjoying Indian Food in London

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  • The best times to visit Indian restaurants in London are during weekdays for lunch, avoiding peak dinner hours.
  • When dining in Indian restaurants, it is customary to eat with your right hand and always finish your meal with a sweet dessert like gulab jamun.
  • If you’re not a fan of spicy food, don’t hesitate to ask the server to adjust the spice level to suit your preference.


In a city as diverse as London, exploring the rich tapestry of Indian cuisine is a delightful journey waiting to be savoured. From the vibrant streets of Mumbai to the flavours of Punjab, these 5 spots for the best cheap Indian food in London offer a glimpse into the melting pot of flavours that define the city’s culinary landscape. Bon appétit!